Monday, September 5, 2011

flower girl.

I really can't complain too much about my childhood. Being the third child in the family I managed to inherit a ton of toys and clothes, the latter being my favourite hands down! I was renowned for changing outfits several times before breakfast, just to be sure that I had on the perfect one for that day. I guess I was never really convinced that I had made the right choice, because I usually had to make another couple of changes before the day was over. I drove my Mother crazy!

Despite my extensive wardrobe selection, there was one coveted dress that I never had- a flower girl dress. I wanted more than anything to be that small person, all dressed up with the special hair-do and the basket of petals in hand. Well it just never happened I NEVER got to be a flower girl. SAD PANDA!!!

But don't feel too sorry for me. Lets just say I make every effort to make up for that piece of girlhood I think I missed out on. I am now the biggest flower girl I know. My heart melts when it comes to flowers... Last night I was watching Gossip Girl and I cried when Chuck Bass was on top of the Empire State Building with Peonies waiting for Blair Waldolf. It cute-ed me out.

My apartment is filled with flowers at the moment. I buy a bunch once a week down at my local Thomas Duxs. :-) I can't really explain what they mean to me and how much happiness they bring ....... The only explanation I can come up with stems (!!!!) from my very earliest recollections of flowers and the giving thereof.

From the time I was about 4 years old - my Dad would bring me flowers every Friday along with a Barbie magazine. I remember looking forward to it each week and wondering what colour and type they would be!

Anyway I thought this post would be appropriate for the beg
inning of SPRING! I love spring sooo much! When I woke up this morning... I opened my windows and the beautiful spring breeze wafted in along with a massive bee.... I felt like I was in a film about 'spring'. It was quite funny... I had a dvd case in my hand 'shoo-ing' it out to its outside habitat. After a while I gave up and the bee and I shared breakfast. Then he left. Out the window! YAY!

So if you ever need a flower girl... You know who to call. Just because Im 5'9 doesn't mean I wouldn't fit into your bridal party. Please consider me as an option.

Warm regards, Spring wishes and Flower kisses.
demrock. xoxo

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  1. I will make you a flower girl dress, what colour would you like? You can be our flower girl and you wan't be too tall!